Games to play at music festivals

Music festivals are about enjoying as a community. They remove those boxes that keep people apart — schedules, excess technology and literal walls — to promote an earthy openness of good-will and good times.

One of the most common ways of helping people “plug into the spirit” of the festival is games, and there seems to be no limit to what people play at festivals. Some groups bring board games like Life or Trouble. Others play with wood puzzles. Once I even saw a group with Monopoly — though given the number of loose pieces scattered around, this may have been ill-advised. Games are an easy way to join the community, leveraging silly foibles or good luck for a collective good time.

Outdoor games are probably the most typical of music festivals. Hacky-sack, baton-twirling, juggling, and hula-hoops are great fun especially with the added pressure of an audience and keeping time with the music. Other outdoor games like ladder toss, bocce ball and Frisbee golf are popular as well. I once saw a group playing a Swedish game called Kubb, whose pieces they claimed to have manufactured themselves.

Even if one does not feel like lugging boxes back and forth, there are still options. Card games like Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity or Uno are always a pleasure. A simple deck of cards can fill an afternoon; one forgets how many card games there are to play and to learn, and there is always someone who knows a magic trick or two!

The point is be creative. There is no right or wrong games at music festivals, and one never knows when a good one will come in handy. One time, while it poured all afternoon, we escaped the rain and hunkered in our tents with a bingo set ( find some sites online here
) of all things. Inventing some awards (glow-sticks and dry clothes), we made a memorable few hours of “B-4’s,” “I-2-4’s” and “O-69’s.” We found some newer online rooms on our phones here. And what more could one want out of a music festival? If it’s all in good fun, then good fun will be had.