Finding a Job at a Music Festival

Jobs you might see available at a music festival could consist of Ushers, Gate Staff, Chair Rental Personnel, Attendants and Security Officer positions. The specific duties of each of these jobs may differ, but each one contributes to the overall experience the customer will enjoy when attending the festival.

Ushers are the venue staff you commonly spot near the rows of seats, directing ticket-holders to their designated seats. Keeping the confusion to a minimum, Ushers assist the customers to the seat and row indicated on their ticket.

Gate Staff are the first people to greet you upon your arrival at the venue, taking your admission ticket and allowing you access to the event. This lets the venue manager know the total number of customers that attended the show and when the maximum capacity has been met.

Chair Rental Personnel offer seating options to festival-goers that purchased lawn seats. Lawn seats are a cheaper alternative to standard tickets and are quite commonly purchased due to the price tag attached to them. Chair rentals offer the customer a bit more comfort for a smaller fee.

Attendants facilitate the overall condition and general operation of the venue. Restroom attendants, walkway attendants, even maintenance and electrical attendants maintain the cleanliness and smooth function of the property during the music festival. It may seem like a meaningless job now, but how would you find your way to the restrooms if all the walkway lighting went out all at once? That’s why we need attendants to repair these issues in a short amount of time, so the customers are safe and happy.

Security Officers uphold the rules and regulations of the venue, and, when necessary, prevent the escalation of any altercations that may arise. With more and more venues supplying alcoholic beverages for customers, venue security has been an increasing concern for many would-be attendees. At times all it takes is bumping into someone accidentally to cause an incident, and, assuming the incident has given the officer sufficient indication to a safety issue, he steps in and removes the 2 parties in an attempt at a peaceful resolution. General security guard training is required typically for these types of positions but you do often get volunteers with little experience also working along side the security detail. Some skills that may be helpful include first aid training, fire safety and SIA training. This site has a lot information about acquiring these types of new qualifications.

The average pay rates of these employment opportunities aren’t incredibly impressive, factoring in that you also get to enjoy live music at work, however, the perks can make it desirable. Ushers, Gate Staff, and Chair Rental Personnel typically earn around $8.00 hourly pay. Attendants tend to make a little more at an average of $9.00, and Security Officers make around $16.00 per hour. Security Officers pay rate is a lot higher than the other jobs since the duties of a security officer generally involve a higher degree of risk of injury, and as with most jobs in the world, the higher the risk the higher the pay rate.