Do you need Planning permission for solar panels

planning permission solar panel installersIn the UK for domestic solar panel system you generally don’t need planning permission. The system is normally considered a “permitted development”. Before you go ahead with installing the system you should consult with your local authority and make sure your install falls under their guidelines.

For domestic installations:

  • The panels attached to the roof must be as close as possible to the building. This is to minimise the appearance and effect it will have to others.
  • If the microgeneration panels are no longer needed they should be removed as soon as possible.
  • Buildings in conservation or world heritage sites must not have wall fitted panels which face the road or motorway.
  • Panels cannot be installed on a building designated as a monument.
  • You may not install solar panels on listed buildings
  • You cannot install the panels above the highest part of the roof.

For installations not on buildings

  • For heritage and conservation areas no part of the system should be closer than the property itself. You must keep the solar panels the same distance or further away from the roads or motorways.
  • Panels cannot be installed on the land of listed buildings.
  • Solar arrays should not be more than 9 square meters in size.
  • The installation can’t reach a height greater than 4 meters
  • After the first installation and further or added solar energy systems must seek planning permission

Be sure to follow the advice above and seek more information from your local authority. You may also want to contact a professional for advice and a quote. Here are some recommended companies and website resources:

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