Some of the Best Music festivals

Music festivals have been around for centuries. It was The Woodstock Music and Art Festival of 1969 that seemed to reinstate their extreme importance for the future. Better known as Woodstock, the festival took place in Woodstock, New York and headlined 32 acts that drew in over 400 000 fans. Jimi Hendrix was the last act to take the stage that weekend. Woodstock made history proving that music festivals have the power to bring people together and create change as they often define generations, cultures, and what is going on in our world at different moments in time. They can be a powerful reflection, and many music festivals around the world have imitated Woodstock with large success over the last several decades.

There are many things that go into making the best music festivals. Some of these often include making the festival a free event, providing vendors and large open spaces, and allowing concert goers many freedoms of expression while attending. Finding the best music festivals that allow for those three things is not hard to do, as they create the best atmosphere for a great event. Another important aspect that makes the best music festivals is having a cause. Most music festivals set the stage of their event by promoting a message or statement the festival wishes to make. It can be peace and love like Woodstock, just rock or pop etc., political statements, environmentalism and so on. But it is important that the music festival has an idea or reason for bringing people together to celebrate even if it is just the music. The best music festivals incorporate these aspects very well and today there are awesome events run all over the world every year.

Most of the best music festivals happen during the summer months to ensure great weather too. One of the best music festivals of the summer is the Osheaga Music Festival that takes place in Montreal, Canada. Similar to Woodstock, the festival brings in a young crowd and therefore, popular alternative/indie artists on the scene. Each year the festival brings in over 40 000 fans and numerous headlining acts to celebrate indie arts culture. Some acts this year included Lorde and Half Moon Run. The term Osheaga refers to a historical exchange between settlers and Indigenous peoples, and each year the scene of the festival sets it’s message. The Evolve Music Festival is another best that also takes place in Canada in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. The “green” festival celebrates music and art while aiming to increase social and environmental awareness. All products used on the festival site are environmentally friendly with great vendors. Like Osheaga, the festival runs over the course of 3 days bringing in thousands of fans and many international artists. In addition, similar to these music festivals is Coachella that takes place in Indio, California. It is one of the best music and arts festivals in the United States, that brings in over 400 000 fans and an abundance of popular mainstream artists each year.

Moving across the sea, the Glastonbury Festival is one of the U.K.’s largest and best music festivals and is also one of the largest in the world. The event aims to bring in mega music artists with names ranging from Dolly Parton to Metallica, setting the stage for a diverse and accepting crowd. The event also supports charities and organizations such as Greenpeace. Lastly, Tomorrowland is currently one of the most popular electronic music festivals in the world. The festival takes place in the town of Boom, Belgium and began in 2005. Hundreds of thousands of people attend each year, and past popular headliners have included Swedish House Mafia and Avicii. It is known as one big, magical dance party.

Other popular music festivals that did not make the top five list but are definitely worth checking out include: Rock in Rio, Bonnaroo, Sonar, Lowlands Festival, and Electric Picnic. And the list goes on, great music festivals are always just around the corner and there will be no shortage of them happening anytime soon!

Music Festivals in Ireland

Families typically enjoy having an opportunity to get together and experience something new. Irish music festivals are an ideal place for everyone to come together and enjoy the atmosphere. Some people enjoy going to them because they have an Irish ancestry and they like having the opportunity to celebrate that ancestry with music and dance. Still others are simply looking for a place to relax for a few hours and enjoy time spent with family and friends in the company of good music. One thing is for certain, Irish music festivals almost never disappoint. In addition, they have a lot of good music, dance and every other type of attraction that you can possibly imagine.

For people that have an Irish ancestry, it is is specially important to attend Irish music festivals because it gives them an opportunity to reconnect with their heritage. There is simply no better way to enjoy a culture while simultaneously exposing young children to the wonder of Irish heritage. These festivals celebrate the great Irish traditions that are carved out of unique music and dance and they do it all by telling the story of the Irish culture. As a result, it provides the ideal platform for people to get together and celebrate all things Irish while teaching their children about the importance of their unique heritage.

While people love to celebrate their heritage, you definitely don’t have to be Irish to enjoy these types of festivals. Anybody that enjoys listening to great music that is played live or that enjoys seeing magnificent feats of dance can enjoy going to one of these festivals. By the same token, they have great food and they have all of the other attractions that any other festival would have. Therefore, it is a fantastic opportunity to simply get away for a few hours and enjoy something that provides a different atmosphere.

People that are not native to ireland may need to travel to these events which usually invovles transport via, land, sea, air or all of them. Its important you get the necessary travel insurance for just in case. Some companies may even cover personal loss or damage when at the irish festival. You may also want to rent a car, make sure the company you go with is aware of that and will cover the car insurance when driving in Ireland.

The really great thing about Irish music festivals is that they provide a detailed look into the world of professional and amateur performers. If you have an interest in playing an instrument or in learning how to dance, this is a great place to get started. It exposes you to different types of Irish music and various aspects of the culture and provides you with an invitation to learn more. You even have the chance to find out more about your own personal culture at many of these festivals, as ancestry experts are usually on hand. It is a great way to celebrate being Irish and all the great things that go with it.

Games to play at music festivals

Music festivals are about enjoying as a community. They remove those boxes that keep people apart — schedules, excess technology and literal walls — to promote an earthy openness of good-will and good times.

One of the most common ways of helping people “plug into the spirit” of the festival is games, and there seems to be no limit to what people play at festivals. Some groups bring board games like Life or Trouble. Others play with wood puzzles. Once I even saw a group with Monopoly — though given the number of loose pieces scattered around, this may have been ill-advised. Games are an easy way to join the community, leveraging silly foibles or good luck for a collective good time.

Outdoor games are probably the most typical of music festivals. Hacky-sack, baton-twirling, juggling, and hula-hoops are great fun especially with the added pressure of an audience and keeping time with the music. Other outdoor games like ladder toss, bocce ball and Frisbee golf are popular as well. I once saw a group playing a Swedish game called Kubb, whose pieces they claimed to have manufactured themselves.

Even if one does not feel like lugging boxes back and forth, there are still options. Card games like Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity or Uno are always a pleasure. A simple deck of cards can fill an afternoon; one forgets how many card games there are to play and to learn, and there is always someone who knows a magic trick or two!

The point is be creative. There is no right or wrong games at music festivals, and one never knows when a good one will come in handy. One time, while it poured all afternoon, we escaped the rain and hunkered in our tents with a bingo set ( find some sites online here
) of all things. Inventing some awards (glow-sticks and dry clothes), we made a memorable few hours of “B-4’s,” “I-2-4’s” and “O-69’s.” We found some newer online rooms on our phones here. And what more could one want out of a music festival? If it’s all in good fun, then good fun will be had.

Finding a Job at a Music Festival

Jobs you might see available at a music festival could consist of Ushers, Gate Staff, Chair Rental Personnel, Attendants and Security Officer positions. The specific duties of each of these jobs may differ, but each one contributes to the overall experience the customer will enjoy when attending the festival.

Ushers are the venue staff you commonly spot near the rows of seats, directing ticket-holders to their designated seats. Keeping the confusion to a minimum, Ushers assist the customers to the seat and row indicated on their ticket.

Gate Staff are the first people to greet you upon your arrival at the venue, taking your admission ticket and allowing you access to the event. This lets the venue manager know the total number of customers that attended the show and when the maximum capacity has been met.

Chair Rental Personnel offer seating options to festival-goers that purchased lawn seats. Lawn seats are a cheaper alternative to standard tickets and are quite commonly purchased due to the price tag attached to them. Chair rentals offer the customer a bit more comfort for a smaller fee.

Attendants facilitate the overall condition and general operation of the venue. Restroom attendants, walkway attendants, even maintenance and electrical attendants maintain the cleanliness and smooth function of the property during the music festival. It may seem like a meaningless job now, but how would you find your way to the restrooms if all the walkway lighting went out all at once? That’s why we need attendants to repair these issues in a short amount of time, so the customers are safe and happy.

Security Officers uphold the rules and regulations of the venue, and, when necessary, prevent the escalation of any altercations that may arise. With more and more venues supplying alcoholic beverages for customers, venue security has been an increasing concern for many would-be attendees. At times all it takes is bumping into someone accidentally to cause an incident, and, assuming the incident has given the officer sufficient indication to a safety issue, he steps in and removes the 2 parties in an attempt at a peaceful resolution. General security guard training is required typically for these types of positions but you do often get volunteers with little experience also working along side the security detail. Some skills that may be helpful include first aid training, fire safety and SIA training. This site has a lot information about acquiring these types of new qualifications.

The average pay rates of these employment opportunities aren’t incredibly impressive, factoring in that you also get to enjoy live music at work, however, the perks can make it desirable. Ushers, Gate Staff, and Chair Rental Personnel typically earn around $8.00 hourly pay. Attendants tend to make a little more at an average of $9.00, and Security Officers make around $16.00 per hour. Security Officers pay rate is a lot higher than the other jobs since the duties of a security officer generally involve a higher degree of risk of injury, and as with most jobs in the world, the higher the risk the higher the pay rate.